Temporary work is here to stay

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Let me first start by saying, I am NOT AN EXPERT in workplace trends, recruitment or anything along those lines. In fact, I wouldn’t call myself a guru or an expert in any field. Everything is changing at such a rapid pace that I believe that we’re hard pressed to find anyone who is. I am writing this piece as an observer and as someone who is watching things unfold, in an area which I have a great interest – Virtual work.

Recently, there have been many articles released AND you only have to talk to someone in recruitment OR be someone currently looking for a job, to notice that the old full-time/permanent position is being ousted. In an article released by Hays MD, Nick Delligiannis, says,

Employers also view temporary workers as integral to the success of their business and enjoy the flexibility of being able to fill short and long-term contracts at short notice. The ability to source specific skills for particular projects is also an advantage as business activity can fluctuate.”

 Another article written by Forbes noted that Ernst Young have been trialling Executive-Virtual Assistants based offshore. The paradigm of work is shifting and the question is, are we all prepared: as an individual, as a business owner, or as an employer?

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As an individual with transferable skills, what would you be doing in these volatile times? There is a multitude of answers to that question but the one thing I have done, helped people do and like to encourage others to do is to be prepared to work in a project-based manner. Embrace it! Don’t be frightened of it. It is ironic that we fear the lack of stability in a casual, temporary role and yet by not embracing it the instability of not being able to find another role in that format if/when you lose the current position, far outweighs it!

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By temporary employment they mean contract employment and if you’re contracting yourself then you need to be self-sufficient, reliant and confident of your skill set and what you have to offer. And to deliver all of these things we must have a professional way of working……… from anywhere, at any time. THIS is where working virtually fits in.

What is working virtually? I say that working virtually is, “where you can successfully own, operate or contribute to a team from any location, resulting in outcomes that benefit all parties, visible through improved efficiency, effectiveness, engagement, and empowerment.”

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As I said earlier, I am no expert but I can absolutely confirm that learning and understanding virtual and remote work has been a successful adaptation and innovation for me. I also find that by doing pieces of temporary/contract work outside a full-time role gives me motivation and excitement and continuous improvement to deliver back into that work.

Whilst we’re not completely embracing or feeling this shift yet I believe that we’re very close to seeing the majority, if not all, of positions as temporary, contracted pieces, drawing on each of our skill sets where we have to sell our own skill set more than ever.

What did I do and what did I find over the past 18 months of my journey to embrace this shift?

  1. Came to gain understanding of working remotely and virtually – which meant embracing “the cloud”
  2. Engaged in genuine networking activities and as a result became selective around what events I attended
  3. Learnt to have conviction in what I was wanting to achieve
  4. Actually gave it a go
  5. Stayed appreciative of those who support and help me – respect is key

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I am excited to do another post again soon where I will aim to talk about how I have seen a specific role/skills set really embrace this shift!!!!

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