O365 and SharePoint Updates | June 2017

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We’re almost halfway through 2017, and what a fantastic year it has been so far!

This last month we have seen some great additions and updates to O365 in the way of increased functionality, which is what we like to hear and see.


This is probably one of the most awesome things to happen this month – Microsoft Forms has come to preview!


Definitely check it out! It is only in preview but this is going to be a fantastic feature that we can see filling in quite a gap at present. The greatest part is that you can embed this into pages! PERFECT.


The Planner Application is now available in the app store for most devices, which allows for fantastic management of your tasks, on-the-go!
We are really looking forward to where this app is going to go with the frequent improvements that they’re making, all of the time!

Image Courtesy of Microsoft Blog – Full article here


I would be surprised if we’re not all familiar with the modern SharePoint experience by now. We love it …BUT….there are instances where you need to revert to the classic view to access particular things – one of these being metadata navigation. NOW – we have the ability to access this through the filters pane (via the ‘i’ button on the right-hand-side of the library/list).


This latest update to Yammer means that, like with Teams, we can connect to other applications within our Yammer feed. These include applications and sites such as, Bing, News, Twitter, Trello and more!
You can add connectors, simply by clicking the new ‘Add or Remove Apps’ link on the right hand launch bar:

Image Courtesy of Microsoft Blog –Full article here


Each update, from now on, we’re going to aim to remind you of existing functionality within SharePoint, that you may have forgotten, overlooked or not realised is has been available.

Our first reminder is around working with PDF’s.

Do you send PDF’s to people for signing? Attaching the PDF to an email and then waiting for them to sign and return, then you have to ‘save as’ and load into SharePoint?

Did you know that there is already an application that sits within SharePoint and takes care of this for you? It is called DocuSign.

Instructions here:


We have had fun this past month with our Grassroots IT ‘Get Started with SharePoint Webinar’. You might already be well underway on your SharePoint journey but this webinar will be perfect to send through to any people you think might be interested in learning more.

Watch here:

Contact Grassroots IT to get your O365 Tenant and Migration set-up OR for any other IT requirements.

They’re down-to-earth, reliable and all-round awesome IT company! We’re so proud to be partnering with them.

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