O365 and SharePoint Update | September 2019

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We are seeing some impressive new features to existing applications (Teams particularly) and also some NEW features, with a theme of these being within the administrative side of the applications.


Stream – ‘Meeting Tab

There is now officially a new section specifically for Teams Meetings, that has been added to the Microsoft Stream navigation to help users more easily locate their Teams meeting recordings.

Check it out today!

Meet now – Teams

Once a user clicks on “Meet Now,” Teams will launch a new meeting where the user can add/drag in attendees. Attendees can be inside or outside the organization.

Quick Edit – Finally in Modern View

Microsoft are pleased to finally release the enhanced Quick Edit to modern view, bringing the power and simplicity of “spreadsheet” views.

Teams – Pin Channels

Users will now be able to pin the channels that are important to them at the top of their sidebar. Once a channel is pinned, its placed in a new category ‘Pinned’ at the top of their teams and channel list.

New Feature: Sharing Reports for SharePoint Online

SPO site owners can now generate a CSV that shows how their content is being shared, both inside and outside the organization.

Generate the report which shows all shared content from the “Shared with External Users” section of the Site Usage page. The report outputs a CSV file that contains a row for every unique user, permission, link, and item that has been shared with both internal and external users.

New Feature: Teams – Private Channels

New features are always a winner, and private channels are no exception. They allow organisations a space for focused, secure collaboration among a subset of a team. You can easily recognise a private channel with its lock icon.

Team members can only see those private channels that they have been added to, however, team owners can see all private. This new feature will begin rolling out from next month.

Page Diagnostics Tools

Did you know about the SharePoint Page Diagnostic Tool? This is a browser extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge designed to help you identify SharePoint site pages in Microsoft 365 that may not be delivering optimal performance – to assess both modern and classic pages.

Learn more.


SharePoint Webpart Updates

Button & Call To Action | engage your page viewer by providing focused text on and above a button.

Highlighted Content adds Custom Query | use custom CAML or KQL queries to display precise sets of content, with the ability to combine filters using AND, OR, and NOT operators.


File card – activity highlights

This feature shows relevant file activities, like if someone you work with edits, comments, or @mentions you, that activity is displayed with a link to take action directly from the file hover card itself.

One a personal note – we have some pretty exciting things happening in October  – we’re adding a little MiVirtual team member to the mix, watch out for a few pictures!

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