O365 and SharePoint Update | September 2018

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New Find Tab on SharePoint Mobile App

Finding things is now even easier with the new design of your SharePoint mobile app. With a gradual release this month, you may have noticed some changes already… if not, they won’t be far away. Plus, we know you’ll love the new Find tab and improved layouts with quick access to recent content (we sure do!).

What was once 3 tabs has now been condensed to one. No more Sites, Links and People tabs, the new Find tab means that you can quickly get your answer by searching all areas at once. As soon as you tap into the Find tab, you’ll get a quick overview of the sites that people you’ve recently been working with have been to – super handy.

See more about the Find Tab on the SharePoint Mobil App HERE

NEW File Template Management

No more obscure or hard to use templates with a newly improved and modernised document library content types. You can now add document templates to SharePoint document library and add, hide or reorder the new file options as you edit the New menu.

With the simple click off the New drop down, you can quickly and easily add a template directly to your document library. You can also organise the New menu by selecting (or deselecting) which templates you wish to use. You can also edit, change the template’s content type or completely delete the template right from the menu. Targeted releases are happening now, so keep an eye out for this AWESOME change. Find out more HERE

Trials of The New Outlook have begun

Yes, you heard correctly! If you’re a Targeted Release customer, you may have noticed a toggle on the top right corner of your Outlook inbox saying Try the new Outlook… simply click this toggle on and you will see the new modules for Mail, Calendar and People, all while being able to turn the trial toggle off and revert back to the current version f and on as much as you need to.

So, what’s new? Well, in short, a lot!

Changes include ways to make searching easier, files faster to find (thanks to the added File module), the addition of suggested replies (perfect easy clicks for those one-word answer replies), simplified event creation and smart room suggestions, plus more ways to keep up with and manage your group, and a newly streamlined and simplified add-in experience.

Images of the new layouts and features are below.

We think they’re AMAZING!

Want to try it out for yourself? Read more about the changes coming to Outlook or Become a Targeted Release customer

Column Formatting

Do you want to customise your entire SharePoint list view experience from this…

To something a little more like this?

With the addition of an approach similar to the JSON-based technique used for view formatting, you can apply conditional formatting to list and library rows and even create new immersive lists and library experiences!

In the Format Current View tab, you can copy and paste in your “not quite code”, as it’s been called to create different formatting.

Although it’s much, much simpler than the JSON delicate writing format, as you can see from the snippet below, it can still be a bit fiddley to get the perfect result.

JSON Formatting
Column Formatting

“=if(@currentField < 40, ‘red’, ‘green’)”

But, don’t let this put you off creating some column visual masterpieces! There is already a large community of contributors on the SharePoint Patterns and Practices of many great column formatting which you can use as inspiration. Or, find out more about column formatting by reading HERE

Working with e-mail and SharePoint

Solid Gold, Baby

OnePlace Solutions is a Microsoft Gold partner and has an astounding 18 year trust relationship with customers and partners alike. With OnePlaceMail for Outlook, you can save email and attachments straight from Outlook to SharePoint and Microsoft Team Channels.

Many people who are using OnePlaceMail find that their business solutions have improved with areas such as Electronic Document and Records Management solutions, project management and team collaborations and email management, as well as helping to create a modern workplace, increase personal and organisation productivity – who wouldn’t want improvements in all these areas?!

With a simple click of a button, you can save your Outlook emails and documents straight into your SharePoint libraries.

OnePlaceMail also easily integrates with your Outlook for iOS and Android, Web Browser, MacOS (outlook 2016) and Windows (Office 2013 and 2016), making it easier for you to be more productive and have better document storage than ever before.

Click HERE to find out more about OnePlaceMail (including a video demo!)

MiVirtual in San Francisco

September saw us travelling to the USA to meet one of our wonderful IT Partners – FunctionOne IT. We had an absolute blast! We went to Napa Valley and we were apart of an amazing event with the FunctionOne Team.

We can’t wait to go back and visit them again soon.

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