O365 and SharePoint Update | October 2019

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Nice quick update, packed full of punch, for this month. Let’s dive into what’s been happening.

General Updates

There are some great changes coming to OneDrive that have recently been announced. Differential sync will make uploading and downloading files much quicker as the file synchronisation process becomes faster. Regardless of the file type, JPEG, PDF, MOV or MP4 (just to name a few), you will be able to sync these files as long as they’re stored in OneDrive and SharePoint.

Sharing is easier than ever before thanks to some heavy investments that have been made in the Outlook Web App. Rather than attaching files to emails, you can collaborate more easily, securely and with one main source of truth by sending a link with the necessary access permissions.

Windows Virtual Desktop is now available. With its simplified management, multi-session Windows 10 experience and support for Windows Server Remote Desktop services and apps, it is sure to revolutionise how you use Windows.

Finally, you will be able to digitise content on the go with the OneDrive mobile app. Easily convert documents, whiteboards, business cards and other scannable documents to PDF format with built-in scanning capabilities, plus any scan taken from an iOS (11.1.5 or later) will now be available for optical character recognition, making searching a breeze.

Click HERE For more information on the latest updates

Sharepoint Home

The SharePoint start page, previously known as SharePoint home, has had a refresh. Now sporting a new look and feel, the newly personalised SharePoint page has changed what users see when clicking on SharePoint in Office.com or the Office 365 app launcher. We’ve popped an old vs new example below and keep your eyes out for new experiences being added to the start page to help users discover and get back to their content easily coming soon.

TEAMS – Live Captions

Live captions give participants another way to follow a conversation. They can make your meeting more inclusive especially to those participants who are deaf or hard of hearing, have different levels of language proficiency, or those who are watching in loud places.

This default policy ensures only that live captions feature will be available to end users in the menu but the live captions will not turn on automatically. Attendees will need to select “Turn on live captions(preview)” from the … menu to enable live captions on for their meeting.

Teams – Tips & Tricks

Teamwork makes the dream work, and Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are the secret weapon used by many successful teams. With seamless integration, both SharePoint and Teams allows teams to work seamlessly together.

Whether it’s flowing news headlines from SharePoint into Teams, making a SharePoint list and checking it twice (in Teams) or another way these two programs work together, to create a powerful information hub.

One such feature, which is coming soon are changes to the default Files Tab in Teams channels. When working with files, team members can upload existing, create new, and collaborate with other members of the team in near and real-time knowing the content is already shared with all owners and members. Soon, however, you’ll be able to sync these files, see rich thumbnail views, filter on views and more.

You can also add an individual Office document as a tab in Teams, to get full web capabilities to view and edit using Office for the Web that is fully integrated… without leaving your tab! Or add a full SharePoint document library with the simple click of the “+” button.

Find out more information on these tips, plus a few more HERE.

Changes to SharePoint Site Names and Links!

Before you know it, you will be able to change site URLs as a SharePoint administrators. This is perfect for those times when you may have a typo in an original text. For example, if you have a site named https://contoso.sharepoint.com/sites/Develpment, you can rename the site to correct the incorrect spelling of “development” via the SharePoint admin centre. To make things easier, automatically-generated redirects will ensure that old links are not broken with the site URL change.

Customer rollout was completed mid this month, and full rollout should be completed by the start of November.

For more Information on this , check out this link

We also have an exciting announcement with the addition of a new MiVirtual Team Member this month!

Miss Tilly Tait born 24th October – Mia and baby doing well.

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