O365 and SharePoint Update | October 2018 Part 2

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Ignite Conference Announcements – Part 2

Let’s continue where we left off.

Microsoft Search – Game Changer

Big things will be happening with searches over the next few months. As Microsoft realises that our needs of searching are changing, they’ve teamed up with Bing to create “a cohesive and coherent search capability, prominent in every experience, providing the way to search across all your organization’s data—both inside and outside of Microsoft 365.”

Sounds great to us too! But what does this actually mean?

Essentially, greater searching capabilities, more consistency in searching and a merge of answers to questions, suggested insights and the ability to action your tasks.

One way in which this is happening is through the ability to do a Microsoft search in Bing. Searching in Bing means that you can get results for your organisation (for example searching across conversations in both Teams and Yammer at the same time), as well as web results, broadening your knowledge on a topic with both organisational and external information – yes please! Public previews have already been rolled out, but tenants do need to opt in to this experience for their organisation – to find out how click HERE.

Searching has also improved with Microsoft searches and in the new SharePoint mobile app. You are now able to search across Microsoft 365 to find recently worked on documents or documents that you have been mentioned in. While the latest version of the SharePoint mobile app now takes you to a search default screen when you first enter the app, suggesting common questions, personalised results and frequent searches. Targeted release for the Microsoft 365 search feature and updated SharePoint app were released late last month.

Other areas where searching will change over by mid-2019 include searching in Office, with a new suite wide search in the ribbon where you will be able to find, command, navigate and discover and in WindowsFind out more about Microsoft Search.

Description: Microsoft search in Bing

Description: Microsoft search in Office.com

Description: Find screen in new SharePoint mobile app

On-demand Files for MAC Users

Tired of having to download your OneDrive files before you can use them and using up storage space? On-Demandallows you to see your files in Mac Finder and see any new information, such as online-only files which, as the name suggests, are created online or on another device.

Simply connect to the internet and you’ll be able to use these online-only files like a regular file.

To set up On-Demand for MAC, its’s as easy as following the instruction below.

Download and install the OneDrive Files On-Demand for Mac Preview build, making sure the Turn On Files On-Demand on is selected in preferences.

You should now see the Always keep on this device and Free up space options when selecting files or folders in Finder

If the above options aren’t available, you will need to relaunch Finder by pressing and holding the Control and Option keys > Click Finder > Click Relaunch.Note: Before you set up On-Demand, make sure you’re using the latest operating system version (OS Mojave 10.14), have opted into the Office Insiders update ring or the OneDrive Insiders update ring and delete the json files and re-launch if you have already been using OneDrive on your Mac.

Find out how, and more information on On-Demand HERE

LinkedIn and O365

This dynamic duo is combining to create some cool features that we’re sure you’ll love!
Linking up your LinkedIn account with your Office apps (starting with Office Online apps and Outlook at present) will give you the opportunity to co-author in real time and email with people from your LinkedIn network. Plus, LinkedIn will surface highlight the people in your meeting invites, so you can easily gain some insights without having to manually look them up. Find out more HERE.

10 New Ways to achieve more in the Modern Workplace

Thanks to the awesome new capabilities announced at the Ignite Conference for Microsoft 365, it’s even easier for employees to achieve more in the modern workplace.

Don’t believe us? Microsoft has put together a top 10 New Ways to Achieve More list, which we’ve summed up below.

1: Microsoft Teams – the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history

That’s a pretty impressive title, and with just under two years in the market and more than 329,000 organisations worldwide using Teams, this app will only continue to foster teamwork and collaboration. With the new additions of AI features, such as background blur and meeting recording, Microsoft is continuing to add more powerful capabilities into this app to make it great.

2: Extend the power of Teams to empower workers in all roles and across industries

With the addition of Home and Shifts to Teams, the new experiences are tailored to industry-specific and role-based workflow.

3: Find what you need faster with Microsoft Search

Microsoft Search is making it easier for you to find what you need, give you suggestions and continue with your workflow… and all from the consistently placed search box.

4: Create content that stands out with Microsoft 365

With the power of AI, Ideas recommends ways to make your data more user-friendly – in PowerPoint with designs, layouts and images Ideas suggestions, with Ideas in Excel (rolling out soon) including tips on trends, charts, outlier identification and references (to Stock and Geography data).

5: Office loves the Mac

With the announcement of OneDrive Files On-Demand for Mac, this is sure to be a game changer (and space saver) for many Mac users.

6: Work together with your entire network with LinkedIn in Outlook and Office web apps

It’s now easier to collaborate than ever with this collaboration. Send emails to your LinkedIn network from Outlook, co-author in an Office web or find out insights for meeting attendees without manually searching.

7: Deliver a modern desktop with Azure

Windows Virtual Desktop is here and is the only cloud-based service that delivers a multi-user Windows 10 experience.

8: Manage your environment with the Microsoft 365 admin centre

New features to help you monitor and manage your Microsoft 365 admin centre, including insight-based recommendations, more consistent UI and customised views for admins.

9: Achieve modern compliance easily for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Compliance Manager has been expanded to now include 12 assessments across different industries, with the unified labelling experience now available.

10: Advancing security for IT professionals

New support for password-less sign ins via the Microsoft Authenticator app is now available for Azure Active Director connected apps, which reduces the number of compromised passwords and the introduction of Microsoft Secure Score means that your data is safer than it’s ever been.

Want to know more… read the full article HERE

Updates especially for those in Finance

For those working in the Financial service, some of the newly announced features are game changers for you.

One new feature which you need to know about is the background blur feature brought to Teams. This new feature is perfect for ensuing sensitive information isn’t accidently disclosed in the background of a meeting, with the cleaver use of facial recognition technology to, as the name suggests, blur the background of video meetings.

Do you work with stock information in spreadsheets? If you just said yes, then you will love the new data types in Excel that will be available soon, which include Stock and Geography data types.

In finance, compliance is extremely important and having a virtual desktop experience can help to ensure that compliance regulations are met and data is securely managed. Windows Virtual desktop is the perfect platform for bringing your work, securely, into the cloud.

Finally, new support for the password-less sign-in Microsoft Authenticator app means that there are no more compromised passwords, which means greater security of sensitive information.

Read more about the new experiences being rolled out and how they can help you in Financial Services HERE.

FORMS updates

Forms have become the go-to for surveys, polls and quizzes since they became available on Office 365 in April for millions of users. At the Ignite Conference, Microsoft announced some great new features to forms, which will bring richer capabilities and more admin control… and an integration to PowerPoint Windows 32.

Improved intelligence in Forms means that you are now suggested questions and options to choose from based on the context of your survey, which is a real productivity saver! In regard to survey response, Form Ideas (look for the lightning bolt icon) helps to collate, highlight patterns and trends and creates charts and graphs that summarise your data. Finally, new branding enhancements means that you can better represent your brand, with more customisations for survey logos, themes, backgrounds and Thank You pages.

For administration flexibility improvements, form owners will be able to transfer their form to an Office 365 Group, which will be shown on a tab and can now be managed by the group members – perfect for collaboration data sourcing. Administrators will also be able to use eDiscovery in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Centre to identify and export content found in Forms.

If you’re wanting to add a Form into a PowerPoint presentation, simply click the Forms icon in PowerPoint to create a new form or quiz or insert one that you’ve already created. Super simple!

Find out more about the new features announced at the Ignite Conference or in PowerPoint.

Description: Improved intelligence in Forms with suggested questions and options

Description: Form Ideas

Description: Add a Form to your PowerPoint presentation by clicking the Form icon.

Modern Pages, Web Parts and News Roadmap – What released and what’s in the pipeline

There have been many exciting announcements made at the Ignite Conference with pages, web parts and roadmaps being no exception.

We’ve summed up what you need to know about, what has been released and what to look out for over the next few months and into 2019 below.

Releasing Timeframe: Now

  • News links – you can now create News links from Androids and reuse existing content across web and mobile
  • News web part updates – select your site sources, carousel, autorotation and new compact layouts.
  • Quick Link web part – new layouts
  • Image Gallery – new brick layout web part
  • Page authoring updates – lets you know if a page is being edited, version history and timeout check-in
  • Hero web part – focal point and zoom control

Releasing Timeframe: End of 2018

  • Section background colours – add your branding colours and emphasis to sections
  • Page designs – help to reuse content
  • Layouts – new title region, author by-line and publish date
  • Customisations – to page thumbnail and descriptions
  • Duplicate sections and web parts – for ease of use
  • News web part update – organise posts
  • Events web part update – supports roll-ups across sites
  • New web parts – Yammer full feed, Youtube, countdown timer and code snippet
  • Personalised web parts – Sites, Documents and News
  • @mentions in comments – with notifications
  • Page usage data – ability for historical visual
  • Theming custom web part and apps – flexible, accessible and consistent system/guidance

Release Timeframe: First half of 2019

  • Authors – in product user education
  • Branded images – central asset library for Authors
  • Site pages – library updates
  • Microsoft Fluent – theming

Release Timeframe: In the pipeline for 2019

  • Increase page density – aiming for 1920 resolution support
  • Font support – for 1st and 3rd parties
  • Global navigation and footer
  • Page undo and redo stack

MiVirtual News and Updates

One word for you all – SHARIFY365 – this is our new partner business who takes care of everything Ongoing Support for SharePoint and O365 . . . it is SUPER affordable and we highly recommend you sign up to get access to an amazing member portal with ongoing videos and learning material as well as email support for any of those frustrating little things that you just don’t have time to deal with!

We will be sending out another email at the end of the month with all the detail!

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