O365 and SharePoint Update | November 2018

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Look What’s Rolled Out This Month

It’s official – this month we’re starting to see some amazing SharePoint admin benefits as the rollouts of the new features announced at Ignite begin!

So, what are our new super powers?

Perhaps the most obvious is being able to make the new SharePoint admin experience your default admin centre… all while being able to go back to the classic admin centre if you need to.
You will also have improved management experiences for group-connected sites as you easily writing documents, creating spreadsheets, schedule meetings and work on projects as you manage ownership, change settings and delete and restore sites.

We will also have a more simplified hub site creating and association process, making it easier for your team to connect, collaborate and communicate as well as being able to quickly customise and control the site creation and management experiences.

But that’s not all, you will also have greater security with improved access controls and policy options, something that is always a plus!

Find out more on the rollouts for this month HERE

Now Available: SharePoint View Formatting Samples

You may remember reading about this from last blog, but we are happy to announce that the view formatting (previously known as row formatting) mentioned at Ignite 2018 the three new formatting samples that have been released are now available. YAY!

The three formats area a game changer and, as put nicely by Microsoft in their blog, “demonstrate[s] how to apply responsive designs to ensure the display looks great in desktop, tablet, and mobile devices as well as adjusting the layout appropriately when placed inside a web part on a page.”

The Resource Catalog is the perfect to get an easy understanding of the information that you’re storing on your SharePoint lists, by bringing to light the status of each item in the catalogue (as seen in the example below). All in all, this provides a clearer visual experience with the help of icons, colours and profile pictures.

The new Document Library sample is allowing out-of-the-box work flow that lets you quickly request a member of your team to sign off a document right in the library itself. The lightweight structure and process to organise content is the main change point for this new sample and a huge win in our books. Examples of the new sample below.

One of our favourite things about SharePoint is how easily it makes viewing information. With the Retail Accounts List, you can easily manage any retail store, right from your SharePoint list.

Welcome Roadmaps

Have you wanted to combine information from your Waterfall and Agile projects and share it with your co-workers? Roadmaps are the solution to your problem.

As announced at Ignite, you will be able to view project status across a program or portfolio in a visual and interactive way… and all thanks to Roadmaps.

And they couldn’t be simpler to build. Just add rows, connect them to a project and choose the task, milestone or feature that you want to be viewed on the Roadmap. Then, pick a project type.

Finally, as the Roadmap manager, you can assign a status to your tasks and choose what shows on your display.

Find out more about Roadmaps by reading Microsoft’s article today.

New Things in One Note

There are some new changes to OneNote, including cloud file attachments tag search, customisable autocorrect and emoji keyboard… plus more!

OneDrive will now sync to your latest version when you’re working in documents, meaning that you never have to worry about working on an outdated version of a document.

Enable real-time editing in your cloud files by simply enabling it in Settings > Insert > File.

Search for tags in OneNote to stay organised and keep track of subjects that span over multiple pages, sections and notebooks.

OneNote Online has also received updates over the last few weeks, including being able to insert pictures directly from your camera, options to control your autocorrect options (including emojis) and copy and share link to sections.

Find out more about the OneNote updates

Reinventing SharePoint Business Process

You may have read from our blogs last month that there are some huge releases coming to SharePoint business that were announced at Ignite 2018. As the features roll out, we’re more and more excited with what’s to come.

Some of the amazing changes to come include list creating, location columns and conditional formatting! All these features, plus many more, will be rolling out in the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled for these to be released.

Find out more about upcoming rollouts

Office Gets a Makeover

We all love a style revamp and that’s exactly what Office is doing. Over the next few months, office is refreshing its look to help you be more productive. You may have already noticed some changes but let’s have a look into what the new Office will look like.

Watch out for a Simplified Ribbon, with a new streamlined look as tabs are placed across the top and commands on each tab.

The other big change is to the Office icons. New, modern and scalable (you can now go from a small to large screen without fear of losing resolution when you resize – YAY!). These new icons also have bolder lines and higher colour contract for those difficult lighting situations or to help those who are vision impaired.

Find out more about the new look.

What’s New To Do In Microsoft To-Do

We’re talking integrations across Microsoft 365 and feature highlights – yes please! With Microsoft To-Do being a huge helper with managing tasks from work to personal life, this add on is one of our favourites.

So, let’s see what’s new…

To-Do will be able to integrate into your Outlook from December!

This means that you will be able to turn your emails into tasks with Outlook. Simply open the tasks pane in your inbox and drag and drop the emails into it on the right-hand side to create a task. This will sync to your To-Do and link the email for reference.

You can also manage your time better by seamlessly dragging tasks into your calendar to block off time. There’s nothing like allocating time to make sure you stay productive and on task, and now it’s never been easier! And speaking of time allocation, you will have the option to opt-in to create a separate To-Do list for flagged emails in Outlook, meaning that they will never be overlooked.

Finally, features like Dark Mode and Inking and InTune integration will also be available from December this year, so keep a look out for them to arrive.

Find out more about these features.

Stream Updates

We love progression and change… and these updates to Stream are no exception!

You can Enable Transcript Mode to your streams to easily navigate and follow long with the spoken content of a video. And it’s really simple to do.

Once you’ve logged into the Microsoft Stream portal, find the video you want to watch and turn on the transcript feature. Simply press on the View Settings on the top-right corner and select show transcript.

You can also detect people in videos too. This is a wonderful tool for skipping to certain appearances when viewing or to assist with content editing.

To find people in a video use the timeline under the People tab located under the video player. You will be able to explore where people appear in the video by clicking on the timeline markers, which will cause the video to jump to the selected content. If you’re the owner of a video, you can also remove or merge faces from the people timeline – perfect for wrongly detected or duplicated faces. In the people timeline, click on the Edit button. Select a person in the timeline by selecting to tick box. Choose Hide or Merge and confirm changes by hitting Done when you’ve finished your edit.

Microsoft Stream will also help by generating automatic captions for your videos. Currently only supported in English and Spanish, it’s simple to enable this feature by uploading or going to the edit video page, selecting a language from the drop-down box in the details section, and ticking the autogenerate a caption file option. You can also edit captions using the transcript window or by downloading the files.

Finally, you can also find the exact place in a video where a spoken work or phrase is. Click on the video you want to search and type the word or phrase that you want to find. The captions window will show all occurances and times that the word or phrase apprears.

New Location Column in SharePoint Lists and Libraries

Yes, you heard right! You can now add location data to any SharePoint list or library… and then filter, sort and search by location data. What a game changer!

Create a location column by clicking Add Column and selecting Location. Name the column and add secondary columns to help display sort and filter your location information. This new feature will let you add more information making it easier to search and sort. Look out for targeted release now, with a worldwide release in mid-December.

Find out more on the Location Column

Time to Tab

Tabs allow team members to access services on a dedicated canvas within a channel or in a chat. This lets the team work directly with tools and data and have conversations about them in the context of the channel or chat.

For us, Tabs are an important part of organising content and information used by both owners and teams… and now you can use built-in and custom tabs with ease in your Teams.

Important things to know:

  • There are two default tabs with every new channel – Conversations and Files
  • There are four defaulted tabs with every private chat – Conversations, Files, Organisation and Activity.
  • You can add more tabs by clicking the Add a tab +at the top of a channel or chat
  • Excel, PowerPoint, Word and PDFs need to be uploaded to the Files tab before being converted to other tabs.

You can also design and develop your own tabs, as well as dabble with some sample tabs downloaded by Microsoft. So, if you love tabs as much as we do you have the creative freedom to create something amazing! Find out more here.

@ Feedback

Providing direct feedback just got easier thanks to the @ mention in comments to tag someone for feedback. By @ mentioning someone’s name (first or surname), they will now receive a link to your feedback via email, so nothing is missed. Add a comment from the context menu or from Review > New Comment. Then type the @ symbol and start typing the name of the person you wish to mention – select their name from the options. Note: if they don’t have permission to open the document, you’ll be asked to provide it. Simple as that!

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