O365 and SharePoint Update | May 2019

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From SharePoint Conference 2019!

Welcome from Las Vegas!
We’re at the 2019 SharePoint Conference and I am SO PUMPED to be telling you about these updates!
We’ve also learnt SO MUCH!
Here are our top takeaways


The amazing POWER of SharePoint

Since it’s beginning almost two years ago, there have been some AMAZING changes SharePoint, creating a fast, intelligent and feature rich environment for your cloud organisation. At the SharePoint Conference 2019, we learned about the latest innovations that have already been rolled out and that are heading our way. SharePoint is turbocharging both the user experience and back-end to create a “better, faster and easier to govern” user experience.

With user innovation, faster speed and compliance and security in mind, some of the AWESOME changes coming our way are mentioned below.

When looking at user innovation, productivity is priority number one as SharePoint presents the most relevant information for your needs. The new Fluid Framework and file formats will create highspeed collaboration through “AI-driven, shared interactive web experiences utilise innovative access patterns for hyper-fast co-authoring [and] fast multi-lingual translation…” With SharePoint being the back-end data structure that powers Fluid Framework, we love how customisable this tool is meet your organisation’s needs. Co-authoring files in real time and incremental opening keep productivity high and reduce the need for multiple copies. Plus, unique collaboration features, such as @mentions in comments, ensure that you never miss a thing.

Find out what else is has changed and is being rolled out HERE.

SharePoint home sites

Due to be rolled out later this year, the newly improved intelligent intranet SharePoint home site is on its way! Unlike the current SharePoint home which acts as a start page, the new roll out communication site will be “designed and designated to serve as the top portal in an organisation”. The new home page will bring together targeted news, events, content, conversations and video coupled with your organisation’s branding and colour schemes. Plus, with speed and accessible a must, your SharePoint home site will be easily found on the SharePoint mobile app, thanks to the one touch home button.

Find out more about the new SharePoint home site and how easy they will be to build HERE.

Stream Updates

The Microsoft Stream Team have been hard at work, with some AMAZING announcements being shared at the conference. The announcements were:

  • Easily add interactive quizzes, polls and surveys in Stream videos – available now
  • Record and upload videos with the Stream mobile app and share anywhere – fully available by June 2019
  • Stream webpart enhancements in SharePoint – available now
  • New admin features to help manage permissions and privacy – available now.

Let’s quickly investigate two of these now.

Interactive quizzes, polls and surveys are being rolled out to all customers, after being announced earlier this year. By integrating with Microsoft Forms, getting comments, feedback and providing assessments is now not only possible, but easy to do.

The Stream mobile app has come a long way, especially with the latest announcements. Not only can you currently find and engage with videos and watch content both online and offline, but the latest new features let you upload and share your videos directly from your mobile. But that’s not all, rolling out in June your iOS and Android Stream app will have the features to security record and upload in a compliant way.

Find out more about the other Stream features announced HERE.

Yammer Updates

There were so many great things announced at the SharePoint 2019 conference, including AWESOME updates to Yammer. Yammer has always made it easier for organisations to engage with each other, but with updates to help simplify live event creating and scheduling and the Yammer conversations web part for SharePoint area making it easier than ever before. Security and compliance are also areas that have updates coming, including Yammer content showing up in eDiscovery searches.

Find out more about the Yammer updates that were announced HERE.

Microsoft Search

Nothing is more frustrating than running a search only to get pages and pages of irrelevant information. With the new Microsoft Search you will be able to increase productivity, be more effective and get the results that you want thanks to AI from Bing and personalised insights from Microsoft Graph.

Eliminating the need to switch between apps and services to search for what you need, Microsoft Search will search between Office, Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, Bing and many more, all while filtering the results to go way beyond basic queries and just a list of links. You may have already noticed Microsoft Search in Bing (once you’ve enrolled your organisation), Office, SharePoint and OneDrive, but keep an eye out for this AWESOME feature in Windows soon.

Find out more about Microsoft Search HERE.

Microsoft Search in Bing

Microsoft Search in Office

Microsoft Search in SharePoint

Microsoft Search in OneDrive


We love lists and SharePoint lists has been the go-to for millions of businesses to store their critical data. Not only are lists secure, user friendly and have a high capacity (up to 30 million items per list) but starting a list from already collected data is easier than ever before. Most businesses start their data in Excel. By creating a List directly from an Excel document in SharePoint or OneDrive, you can not only save on data entry time, but have the bonus of your list now being shareable, mobile friendly and secure. Or, create a list from another list and copy formatting, forms and custom metadata columns.

Targeted release for this feature is being rolled out now, so get ready for the full rollout coming soon.

Find out more about Creating SharePoint Lists HERE.


It’s time to get sharing with a new feature coming to Microsoft Teams! Keep a look out for options that allow you to share files from across your Teams organisation, from OneDrive or a recently accessed file and set permissions for files that are being shared with others coming soon.

Find out more HERE.

Root Site Communication site

There’s a new cmdlet in town to allow a modern communication site experience at the classic rote site on a tenant.

When this cmdlet is successfully executed, you can expect a new modern home page at the root site, full width pages with horizontal navigation available, NoScript will be on and site pages will be the default content type.

Currently being in the targeted release stage, this feature is expected to be widely available in early June 2019.

Find out more about Enable-SPOCommSite, step-by-step instructions on how to implement it and troubleshooting HERE.

We will be sharing another blog in the coming week around the other learnings we experienced whilst attending this amazing conference.

Until then, we cannot wait to get back and start applying our new knowledge so we can continue to add value to our amazing clients.

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