O365 and SharePoint Update | June 2019

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So many Teams update this month

Microsoft continues to bring the power of SharePoint into Teams. The new experience in the file tab of a channel includes the ability to:

  •  sync files to your computer
  •  view options such as grid layout and lifecycle signals and
  •  pin and check out files

These are just a few of the new features. The objective is to have coherence with SharePoint and make it easier for users to use their files in Teams.

Soon to be launched, another new feature around Channel based moderation, giving team owners and members (assigned as moderators) the right to create new posts in the channel and control replies (Roadmap ID: 51786)

 To add to these incredible features, check these out.

Proximity-based meetings in Teams

We all know that dreaded feeling of frantically hunting down a conference room for a last-minute meeting. Consider that feeling a thing of the past, thanks to the new proximity-based meeting join now available for Microsoft Teams Rooms. Now, your desktop or mobile Teams app will find a Teams-enabled room for you to use for your meeting that is not only nearby but available.

Not only will you no longer need to scramble for a meeting room, but once inside your chosen space, the front of the room will display and console will show your meeting invite and all you need to do is accept the incoming invitation to bring the room into the meeting.

Microsoft ream will also automatically join the meeting in a content only mode, eliminating the possibility of feedback or echo that can sometimes occur with multiple devices in a room.

Find out more about Microsoft Teams Rooms.

 Call directly with the NEW Calls App

If you have Voice Over IP enabled, then you may have noticed the Calls App now found in the App bar. This will allow you to make calls directly from Teams and, once completely rolled out, this app will also have a voicemail feature.

 Have your meeting call You

Finding it hard to get the audio quality you want through your digital device? Solve this by having your meeting call you! The new Call Me feature will have your meeting audio dialled through to a phone connection at either the pre-join screen or during your meeting.

Manage Teams on your Phone

If you love the Teams app as much as we do, then you will love this new feature. You can now manage your team and add new guests from outside of your organization all from your Teams App. It’s simple to invite new guests as well: simply tap in the next to a team name in the Teams list, hit Manage members, then simply tap the add person icon on the top right and send the invite via email.

Meeting Started Notification

Speaking of cool new phone features, you can now be one of the most punctual people in your team thanks to the Meeting Started notification that will make sure you’re on time for your Team meetings every time. A notification will pop up when someone joins a meeting that is on your calendar which you can use to join the meeting (saving you time trying to find the meeting in your calendar). Also, as with all notifications, the Meeting Started notification will not appear if you’re active on your desktop or during quite hours.

Other Cool Updates!

One-time Passwords for Anonymous Links Access

An extra level of security will be added for documents that are shared via links the work for Anyone, as a custom password can now be created for recipients wanting to access the link. This rollout will be completed worldwide by mid-August and, as always, it’s best to communicate the password separately from the sharing link itself.

The next update is going to be the last for the 2019 Financial year and we’ll be into a new quarter, this will see another round of highly anticipated releases AND combine that with the ‘Inspire’ conference in Las Vegas, we’re in for a real treat!

Don’t forget to touch base with us if you have any questions about the updates you see or if you’re interested in learning more.

Reach out anytime!

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