O365 and SharePoint Update | July 2019

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We’re already more than half-way through the 2019 year and July has brought us some great updates that have, and are currently being, rolled out. With changes being rolled out and new developments coming to Teams, a new Q&A post type in Yammer, must-know SharePoint updates and much more.

Real Time Teams Presence State Changes

Teams presence updates will be happening in real time from as early as the beginning of this month. When your presence changes, other users can see this change right away. Based on your activity (such as being Available or Away), what is happening in your calendar (such as being In a Meeting), or your Teams app state (you might be Presenting or In a call), your status will automatically update to give other users an idea of your working where abouts. You will also be able to set their state to certain states and an inactivity timeout of 15 minutes will set a state to Away. Finally, if you’re setting a Do Not Disturb, you can now also specify who can override this setting and contact you though the setting in the app.

The states that each user can now use are below.

Find out more HERE.

Team Channel Moderators

Team owners can now turn on moderation for a channel to control who can start new, and reply to current, posts in that channel. Team owners can add team members to act as moderators as well. These channel moderators can also control the settings and give moderator capabilities to other channel members.

Simply go to Channel settings > Permissions and fill in the Set channel moderation preferences section.

@-less Mentions in Teams – coming soon…

The Microsoft team is at it again finding ways to make their products more user friendly and time efficient. Currently in development is a new @less mentions feature for teams. Making it easier to get someone’s attention in Channel conversations or group chat settings, soon you will be able to start typing a person’s name with a capital letter and simply select the person from the possible suggestions. They will receive a notification and be able to go directly to the point of the conversation where they’ve been mentioned – no @ required.

External Users Can Now Experience 1:1 in Teams

Teams users can now message and all Teams users from a different organisation while enjoying the richer Teams messaging experience by using features such as stickers, @ mentions and images, depending on if External Access or Guest Access has been granted to those in other organisations.  Microsoft gradually began rollout to all customers at the end of this month, with expected rollout to be completed worldwide by the end of August.

We’ve compiled the differences between External Access Users and Guest Access Users in the list below.

Find out more HERE.

Private Channels in Teams – coming soon…

With expected an expected release date of August this year, Teams is currently developing secure and private channels. This new feature will let you limit which team members can see conversations and content. You will also be able to right-size channel participation with this new feature and get exposure to certain content without having to create discrete teams to limit visibility.

Four Innovations from Office on the Web

A lot of amazing innovations have come from Microsoft over the past little while and their web products are no exception. From a more simplified and streamlined approach to greater integration and collaboration, we can tell that MS is a force to be reckoned with. Let’s look at this further.

There are four key areas that MS has revolutionised their products within. Interpreting data in Excel, as well as tips on how to better present, visually compelling layouts and useful graphics from PowerPoint highlight the Ideas that MS has implemented to help their technology help its users.

Collaboration capabilities have enabled users to collaborate more effectively and stay up-to-date easier. With features such as co-author working with new @mentions, users can save time knowing exactly where their input is needed. Other amazing collaboration capacities, such as While You Were Away and the new Version History also help make collaboration better.

The Office start experience is also a innovate space where MS has stepped into its own. This new design had made it easier for users to get the information they need, including through the use of the Recommended documents section and the progressive web apps section.

Finally, a more focused and simplified Ribbon helps users see how Office can work best for them, with a streamlined view and focused commands.

Find out more HERE.

SharePoint News & Page Recommendations

Looking for an easy way to discover new SharePoint Pages and News Posts in your company? It’s now as easy as scrolling down. SharePoint Recommendations are now appearing at the bottom of your SharePoint News Posts and Pages.

Recommendations are made based on the number of views on a News Post or Page as well as your relationship with the viewers that are featured.

This new feature will not apply to Office 365 subscriptions in GCC.

Yammer – Q &A

It’s now Q & A time in your Yammer group. This new feature enables all group members to post a question by simply selecting the Question post type, typing a question and hitting Post. Admins are displayed able to select the best answer, which will be as the first answer underneath the questions for easy reading.

Find out more HERE.

 Forms – Transfer Ownership

If you’ve had an employee leave your organisation or an account disabled and need to transfer their ownership to prevent digital property loss. You can now gain access to those forms and user portal through a specialised URL, where you can simply re-allocate the forms using the Move feature.

Find out more HERE

360-Degree Image Viewer

Looking for full, 360-degree views on your images? Soon, this feature will be available in Office 365. No longer limited to still images, this feature will allow an interactive, panoramic view, directly within SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, when the photo is clicked on for detailed viewing. Once live, this feature will automatically mark these images with a Equirectangular, however, users can also manually tag their photos with “.360.jpg” or “.360.jpeg” to force activation of the 360-degree viewer.

Bulk Approvals in SharePoint Online

Many documents may be part of an approval workflow.  Starting soon, you will be able to select multiple items and decide to either approve or reject them together. This will be a huge timesaver and is sure to speed up workflow.

Once rolled out, this feature will be easy to add use. Just select multiple items and select Approve/Reject and make any comments that are needed.

SharePoint Updates

There are five SharePoint authoring enhancements scheduled for rollout that you need to know about. We’ve summarised them below.

Update 1: Drag and drop files to the canvas

SharePoint authors will be able to upload images straight to the Canvas using drag and drop. The file will automatically be added to the file viewer and uploaded to the document library.

Update 2: Link preview

Link previews have also been added so you can get a glimpse of the link you’re looking at. This will be relevant for embed videos from Stream and YouTube links and images with title and description.

Update 3: On page anchors

Tired of scrolling to a specific section of a page? SharePoint will now support anchor links allowing readers to quickly jump to a specific part of the page with just a click of a button.

Update 4: Undo/Redo

This new update will enable you to undo or redo a change before saving or publishing a Page.

Update 5: Vertical sections

Layouts have never had more options, especially since Modern pages can now have vertical sections.

Find out more HERE.

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