O365 and SharePoint Update | January 2019

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Welcome to an awesome year! We’re excited about this one.2018 was all about learning the amazing new features that SharePoint and O365 have on offer! For people who have had O365 for some time, it’s time to get involved with the amazing new features, if you haven’t already:

  • Modern Search
  • Powerapps and Flows with html emails
  • Better theming and customisation of UI
  • Hubsites utilisation

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Some fun things happened over the break – if you didn’t notice!
Countdown timer has been launched

Yes, you heard correctly! Site owners and members will now be able to show countdown timers on their site’s homepage, subpages or within a news articles by simply adding in the web part and punching in the target date and time. And, ever miss another key meeting, campaign end date or launch every again!

Coloured sections in SharePoint

Because, who doesn’t love just a little bit of colour in their lives?

Upcoming we have…

New Planner Notifications for Teams

If you have a planner tab, you will receive a Teams notification when a Planner task is assigned to you. The notification includes all your need-to-knows that relate to your new Planner task, including the task title, who assigned you the task, the plan the task belongs to and a link to open it. Keep an eye out for notifications in your Teams Activity Feed and in Chat. Too much notification noise? Simply mute or block the Planner bot by right-clicking on the Planner bot in the Chat page and choosing which option you’d prefer.

Rollout of the notifications is starting in February and Microsoft is expecting full rollout to all tenants by June.


Stream App is now available on Mobile!

What can you do with the Steam mobile app?

A lot!

You can use smart search tools to find and engage with videos, save content for convenient offline viewing, watch Stream videos by deep-linking into the app and get the enterprise-level security and compliance features you expect from Office 365.

Schedule Management in Teams

Looking to manage your Shifts? Users can access their Shifts from the overflow menu located in the navigation bar on all clients (which is also the default setting for all Teams users in your organisation)… although this features isn’t available in BCC at present. If you want to manage your rollout, it’s easy to do so by visiting the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre and turning the app on or off.

Simply Sign in and head to Settings.

Next, click on Services & Add-ins and then Microsoft Teams.

Under Tenant-wide settings, select Apps and select or clear the Shifts tick box under the Default Apps section.


Another amazing modern SharePoint evolution that we’re excited to have rolling out is Audience targeting! One of the most effective ways to get the right content to the right audiences—it personalises your employees’ view of news and information… Plus, it’s what’s used in MSW (Microsoft’s very own company portal) to make sure the data seen is most relevant to the people seeing it.

Interested in a demo?

Go to your Site Page Library, and then into Library Settings and Audience Targeting Settings. Select the Enable Modern Audience Targeting checkbox. Next, in the Audience column on the Site Pages Library, select the group that you want to target. Finally, add the News web part to the page and turn on the Enable Audience Targeting.

One thing to note with audience targeting is that targeting is not the same as changing permissions. As mentioned by Sam Crewdson, Microsoft’s Core Services Engineering and Operations, “Audience targeting is meant to show users the content which is most useful to them in their role or location… if content needs to be secured, site owners should also set the permissions on the content.” 



As February is almost upon us, we’re super excited to see what additions it will bring! Some new things to look out for this February are listed below…

Who doesn’t want the ability to do bulk check ins and outs for multiple files at the same time from the command bar in your document library? Such a time saver! And from February, you will be able to.

You may have already noticed some easy to see signals will be rolled our next to file names for a quick and visual status of a file. The full addition list is below and will be rolled our to not only SharePoint’s native views, but also throughout OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and the Office Clients.

Columns are getting customised! In February, you will be able to add calculated fields, such as totals or averages, to the footer of a group or the entire list, meaning totals will be displayed in the modern view. You will also be able to Drag and Drop your column around in a list or library and, soon, you will be able to add a column between other columns (which is much easier then having to add them at the end and moving them to your preferred location).

SOURCEWe’re going to be re-doing our website next month and we cannot wait to show it to you. We will also be offering some great incentives if you refer us to new clients!

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