O365 and SharePoint Update | February 2019

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Can you believe that the shortest month in the year has already flown by? With only 28 days, February sure has packed a punch with some great updates and rollouts to Office 365, including easier saving techniques, Planner notifications in Teams (yay!), the launch of Roadmap, a new megamenu, plus much more!

Saving Made Easier!

It’s now even easier to save a document to, well, pretty much wherever you want. Whether you’re wanting to save a folder on your hard disk drive, the cloud, a network location or change the file format… the saving process is now all the same (but you do have to identify the target location).

The default setting in Office programs saves your file to the working folder. However, it’s easy to change this location by selecting a different folder in the list

From this month, new features in Office 365 have made it easier to save your files directly into the cloud. If you’re logged in, your file Save path will default to your OneDrive.

Changing the format of your document is also super easy. Simply select the arrow next to the save icon and select the type of format that you want to save in.

Saving your document in another format is now easier than ever.

Finally, remember that regardless of the autosave feature, it’s still important to frequently save your work to ensure that nothing is lost.

Want to find out more on saving? Click HERE to read more.

Planner Notifications in Teams

Worried that you’re going to miss a task in Planner, especially when they’re being assigned to you by another person? Well, worry no more because Teams now have Planner notifications, which is currently being rolled out.

Appearing in your Teams Activity Feed and in your Chat, you will easily be able to see the task title, assigner, the plan that the task belongs to and a link to open your new task all within a single pop up.

Keep in mind, however, that you do need to have the plans that have a Planner tab in Teams to be able to receive the Team notifications. However, we think that the addition of this bot is a huge help and look forward to all tenants having access by June 2019.

Find out more about Planner notifications in Teams HERE.

LAUNCHED – Roadmap!

We are so excited about this Launch! Roadmaps is a “visually exciting way to combine information from multiple Waterfall and Agile projects and share it with co-workers”. Or, as we like to put it, Roadmaps is a great way to see where a project is, what is at risk and timelines.

Roadmap – a visual way to see the progress of a project

Easily create your Roadmap from the Project Home page. Add rows, connect them to projects and assign tasks, milestones and features that you want to see on your Roadmap. You can also choose the status of a project, easily highlighting areas that are on track and those that need to be monitored – a huge advantage when it comes to reporting. You can also add in Key Dates to your Roadmap, helping to keep big events in front of mind.

Easily change the status of a project in Roadmaps

Add in Key Dates to keep events front of mind

Find out more on Roadmaps HERE.

MEGAMENU: Header / Footer!

Some awesome changes are coming to how you build your intranet in Office 365. With so many areas that you can tweak to make your intranet more welcoming and increasing business speed and agility and helping to reduce IT development costs, it’s time to dive into some of the changes that are coming our way over the next few months.

One of the most exciting changes is the new Megamenu layout for site and hub navigation, which allows for multiple levels of hierarchy at once – hello better organisation and showcase of site content!

Everyone wants more site space – so take back your header space with two options: default and compact plus, make your footer more appealing with a logo, text and hyperlinks of your important information.

You will also be able to personalise web parts, to ensure that your site and page visitors get the most personalised experience from your site and, further this, with the addition of audience targeting for News and Highlighted content web parts… plus many more features which will be rolling out for your intranet in the first half of this year.

Find out what else will be rolling out HERE.


Video creation and editing in Microsoft Stream is now even easier. Did you know that there are new features that allow you to record your screen and voice to make creating video content as easy as posting them?

Our Favourite Message Features in Yammer

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Yammer… and their easy-to-use features are an addition that we love. Things like @Mention is an easy way to notify a co-worker that they’re being mentioned and to loop them into a conversation and Share Conversation is an easy way to communicate going-ons to a team. Organise Events and meetings, share and keep track of who’s attending (plus add them to your Outlook, Google, Yahoo! and iCal calendars smoothly with awesome integration). After some feedback? Simply use a poll to gather opinions from coworkers and decision makers.

Find out more about Yammer’s features HERE.

Document Cache

We love clarity and the Office Document Cache is the perfect way to see the state of the files that you’re uploading to a sever. Want customising options? It’s easy to custom items such as notification display, maximum number of days to keep files in the cache and to enable your files to be deleted from the cache when they’re closed.

Find out more about Office Document Cache setting HERE.

What’s rolled out in February

As Microsoft continues to modernise our OneDrive and SharePoint experiences, we continue to see awesome updates and rollouts… and this month has been no exception. This month, we saw Bulk check ins and check outs from your document library, new signals that appear next to a file name, total and drag and drop column features for lists and libraries, we can’t get enough of these changes!

Keep your eyes peeled in March for sticky headers, where your column headers are pinned to the top of your scrolling window and Document sets. We can’t wait!

Find out more HERE.

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