O365 and SharePoint Update | December 2018

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We want to start by thanking you all, so much, for your support this year! It has been an awesome 12 months.

We’ve experienced many firsts; challenges, and SUCCESSES! We cannot wait to see what 2019 holds.

We wish you all a very special, safe and merry Christmas and an extremely prosperous New Year.

The biggest thank you goes to the amazing team we have here at MiVirtual! They work long hours, put in nothing but their best ALL WHILST HAVING A SMILE ON THEIR FACES!

This past 4 weeks has seen the rollout of some of the awesome new branding features in SharePoint and there has been a solid commitment from the Microsoft SharePoint Online Team to have most of these amazing, new webparts launched before the end of 2018.

What a great Christmas Present!

Microsoft Icons Get a Makeover

Having not been changed since 2013, the new icon designs are, as described by Microsoft, “bolder, lighter and friendlier”, while embracing “simplicity and harmony”.

What will the new icons look like? Watch the video below to find out.

Find out more about the new icon design

Block Download Is HERE!

Back in June / July blog we advised that this exciting feature was coming to O365 and we’re happy to confirm it is HERE for First Release tenants and will be here for all others in Q1 2019.

This feature will enable you to share a link to Office documents that can only be viewed in the Office Online as a view only link. That’s right, this feature will block the recipient from the file, copying text, printing and making a copy of the file itself.

It’s easy to turn on too. Just go into the Link Settings and switch the Block download toggle.

Find out more about the Block Download feature and other OneDrive Message Centre Updates.

Saving Files into YAMMER now means a SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH

Ever wonder where your Yammer files are? Now it’s never been easier to find them because you can tell where your Yammer files are being stored.

In the header of any Yammer group, simply click on the Files tab.

Yammer cloud storage system – If your network stores your files in the Yammer cloud storage system, the below heading will be above the list of files for your group:

SharePoint – However, if your network stores files in SharePoint, you will see the below heading above your files:

Take note of the Upload button positioning and the +New button on the Yammer cloud storage system… they’re out giveaway file location sign posts.

Find out the differences between working with Yammer files stored in Yammer and SharePoint

Keep track of Important Dates with Personal Reminders In SharePoint

Life can get super busy, especially around this time of year. SharePoint is your new go-to for personal date helping, making sure you keep on top of your schedule thanks to being able to create Reminder Flows.

You can now create a Reminder Flow that will send you personal email alerts of a selected amount of days in advance of a date on any document or item in SharePoint. And, it’s super easy to do to!

Simply make sure your list or library has at least one date/time column in the current view. Then, create a reminder by selecting the Flow tab, and Set a reminder menu. Next, enter the number of days that you would like the reminder in advance of. You will then receive an email to your account the allocated days before the due date.

Create a Reminder Flow in SharePoint
Nominate the number of days before a due date that you’d like a reminder email

The reminder emailYou can also edit your reminder flows or add additional actions to your flows from the Microsoft Flow website.

Find out more about reminder flows.

The LIST Web Part

We all know how much fun it is to customise a modern page to a site, and the freedom and flexibility we now have in doing this to the web part building blocks of our pages. One of these web parts is Lists (because, who doesn’t LOVE lists?!).

Whether it’s a custom list, announcement list promoted links list, contacts list or tracking list, you can now customise the title how you view and even the size.

So, what do you need to know about our go-to web part?

Filter, sort and group by clicking See all.

Add a list to a page by going to where you want the page to be added, make sure your page is in edit mode (or click Edit at the top right of the page) and hover your mouse over an existing web part until you see the + circle with the line.

Click the + circle and select Lists from the options.

Customise your list by clicking the Edit web part

Find out more about the List web part, including how to add new items

Watch out for all the amazing updates that you can work with in 2019!

Don’t forget, if you need support with your O365 and SharePoint, our partner business Sharify365, is there to help!

We’ll be focusing on projects and all the support we recommend Sharify365! So, if you do need help over the Christmas period, please don’t hesitate to contact them. They are also offering a 30 Day Free Trial which will allow you to take advantage of the support centre AND the training materials!

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