O365 and SharePoint Update | August 2019

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And just like that, August has come and gone but with it comes some great updates in Microsoft and SharePoint. If you’re looking for ease of meeting room bookings, new SharePoint online web parts, some focus time and private channels, then this is the update for you. Find out more about one of our ongoing support sponsors as well and how they may be able to help you and your business.

Book meeting rooms directly from outlook calendar app

We all know the challenges of scheduling complex, reoccurring or multi-time zoned meetings, especially when you need available rooms. With new features from Outlook, you can now organise your meetings in a flash in the calendar app.

You can now tackle those multi-time zone cities with ease as you search for rooms beyond the ones that are shown. Simply click on the location bar and click on the Browse more rooms and simply select the room by building and city from the right-side panel that opens. You can also use the Browse more rooms to search by city and to add more rooms if required.

If you have a more specific need for your room, such as video capabilities, projector or a certain capacity you can filter based on capacity, features or floor.
Find out what other features are available HERE.

Browse rooms by city and see what capacity each room has

Browse more rooms to find the one you need

Search rooms per city and add the ones you need

New SharePoint Online Web-parts!

There is a lot of new and exciting updates coming to web parts so you can improve your modern page.
What are they? We’ve listed some below.

Button and Call to Action: The Button and Call to action web parts will allow you to engage your page viewers through curated experiences. For these new web parts, you can provide some enticing text on a button that can load content you want the page viewer to consume. Furthermore, with the Call to action web part you can provide explanatory text or a background image to further draw the attention of your page viewers.

World Clock and Weather Updates: A new World clock web part has been added and there have been some changes made to the Weather web part. With these updates you can now choose between adding individual cities and locations or adding a collection of cities and locations to either web part.

News Gets Hero Tiles as a Layout: You’ve seen the Tiles layout in the Hero web part, and now it has come to the News web part. It will be available as a new layout in the News web part property pane.

Hero Gets Second Call to Action Link for Large Tiles: In the Hero web part, many of our customers have asked for a way to have two links per larger tile. The primary link goes to the content, while a secondary link encourages employee engagement and discussion via different channels.

Divider updates to allow controlling of the length and weight of the divider: Small, but impactful changes have been made to this web part that could have big impact on the visual layout of your pages. You can now control the length and weight of the added divider.

New Feature: Focus Time status in Teams

When a user schedules Focus Time via MyAnalytics, presence in Teams will be changed to Focusing and notifications will be silenced during the focus period based on their priority access settings. This will enable you to focus in on what you’re doing and get your To Do list done.

New Feature: Teams – Private Channels

New features are always a winner, and private channels are no exception. They allow organisations a space for focused, secure collaboration among a subset of a team. You can easily recognise a private channel with its lock icon.

Team members can only see those private channels that they have been added to, however, team owners can see all private. This new feature will begin rolling out from next month.

Our Ongoing Support Partner

If you need a custom built customised and branded intranet platform (in less than 10 business days) OR some awesome ongoing support/training, then Sharify365 is the solution for you.

Not only is Sharify365 an ongoing support partner for us, but they can also be your support in your business for getting into a cloud-based environment and where you can have the right set up for your SharePoint and Microsoft Teams journey. Sharify365 offers a set up SharePoint Intranet as well as ongoing Training and Support.

Pricing plans are split in both categories and range from $0 with a BYO for the set-up option and ongoing training and support from $99 per month depending on your unique business needs.

Sharify365 also offers a 100% money back guarantee on all their training services as well.

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