O365 and SharePoint Update | August 2018

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We’ve had quite an exciting and fun August and we know September won’t be any different, with our first trip to America in business capacity!

This month we’ve seen some anticipated updates to existing applications.

Several SharePoint site improvements have now been rolled out including some very handy features.

Allowing users to create modern team sites (even if Office 365 Group creation is disabled)

As a SharePoint admin, you can now allow your users to create their own sites, such as communication sites and team sites (a huge upgrade from only being able to create classic sites before).  Users can now select a modern SharePoint team site or a communication site from the Create site button.

Select the default language for sites when they’re being created

Work groups are becoming more and more diverse, especially as businesses are expanding across more geographies. Thanks to the latest upgrade, now users can select the language they desire for their site when they create it, and there’s over 50 different languages available.

Allow or decline self-service site creation (such as subtitles) by enabling or disabling admin settings.

With the creation of modern site designs that don’t require an Office 365 group, admins can provide users with more freedom (while staying within the established preferences of the business). These can be seen in your SharePoint admin centre with updated choices within a more simplified the Setting tab with stripped back functions. However, the real win with this update (as mentioned above) admins can allow more of our users to create modern team sites.

Source: Microsoft

Save for Later is a new Office 365 feature.

This feature will allow you to save news posts and pages from the SharePoint Online web interface, just like you can currently do, already, in the SharePoint mobile app.

You should see this now and complete rollout by mid-September.

Not to mention, we can also @mention in the comment section of a news article to notify someone of a discussion – is there an easier way to keep someone in the loop?

Source: Microsoft

We’re adding an option to add rich colours to the site header in SharePoint Online.

With this change starting to be rolled out now (and complete world-wide rollout scheduled to be completed by the end of September), a little more colour will be coming your way very soon!

Get excited because soon, we will be able to change the colour of our site headers, which is big plus when it comes to site branding. Based on the currently applied site theme colour, you will be able to choose a lighter, softer header or a more intense darker colour rather than the grey or original colour. Although change will only apply to SharePoint Online themes (not custom ones), we’re always happy for a little more colour and branding consistency.

To change your shade, go to the Change the Look settings panel when this update is rolled out!

More Hub Sites and New Web Part Layout Options?! Yes, please!

Not only can you now create up to 100 SharePoint hub sites (more is better, right?) but SharePoint has now introduced new web parts to arrange and present your content. After all, it’s all about ensuring that your message is engaging.

The new Quick links (buttons, grid, list and tiles) where you can now choose your favourite icon from the built-in gallery of the (now searchable) Office fabric icons. Other new additions include the Image gallery, with its new brick layout; the Hero web part which now has the option to set a focal point and a new carousel layout or the News web part.

More information on this here

Mivirtual Update

Digital Workplace Conference Australia 2018!

This month we attended the ‘Digital Workplace Conference Australia’, put on by the Team from ShareThePoint.

It was a fantastic two days and we learnt a lot.  We attended some great sessions by people like Paul Culmsee and Tracy van der Schyff!

Our main takeaways were things that we couldn’t agree more with, when building a new intranet and implementing new systems:

  • Ensure you have an ongoing working group and key area champions
  • Communicatewith this group regularly (weekly meetings/workshops)
  • Get the people who have a lot to say involved from the start
  • Ensure you have a clear direction and purpose for each of the tools/applications being implemented
  • Keep an agile approach and mindset – things are changing rapidly so it is important we are aware of this
  • Be sure to gather feedback and continuously evolve

We were also reminded that there is a clear different between complex and complicated scenarios, when providing solutions.


– Different views

– Unpredictable

– Case by case


– Logical

– Predictable

– Repeatable

There is also a difference between risk, which is rational, Vs ambiguity, which is an emotional and potentially irrational situation. We have to learn to tolerate ambiguity as it is a common for humans to experience. Once we accept this, we can deal with it!

Surviving the pace of Change is about dealing with the ambiguity and understanding the risks.

We are living in the Age of SimplicityWe want things to workconnect and be seamless.

A recent study was conducted by Microsoft and it was found that 84% of users were using non-IT Sanctionedapplications in the workplace (ie. Using something personal because the company doesn’t have something that works easily).

The same study also identified that 78% of first-line workers feel disconnected from the company’s strategy.

Another session we attended was with Owen Brandt from Live Tiles. It was mentioned that we’re on the verge of the Fifth Industrial Revolution with Artificial Intelligence and Owen took us through the main types of Bots.

Types of Bots

– Personal Assistants

– Team Assistants

– Company Assistants

– External Facing Assistants

Live Tiles now offers Bots as a part of their offering! Very exciting stuff.

Mia is off to the USA to visit clients in September, so we will look forward to bringing you the updates, pics andfun that come along with it! Stay tuned!

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